I love art.  Since I was a young girl,  I have been interested in drawing and painting.   When I took lessons as a child from Allen Jones in Hampton, Virginia, I was introduced to painting outdoors.  We could work at easels in the large yard that overflowed with gardens and paths.  I think this gave me a taste for painting on location and expressing my love of nature.   As I develop technical skills, I am using those tools to find my own voice, allowing me to grow as an artist.  As I told a friend lately, I want to be a real artist.

The course of my development has evolved out of small steps. Although I majored in nursing in college and have worked in that profession, I have continued to develop my artistic interests.  Over the years, I have taken numerous classes in drawing, painting and figure drawing.  Mentors like Mary Muller have helped to ground me in the basics.  I like to be in a learning posture, so I am continually challenging myself to do something new.  I experiment with different mediums like pencil, charcoal, pastels, oils and acrylics.

I am an active participant with the Saturday Sketch Club, which meets year round to paint on location in Des Moines.  This discipline teaches  me to be decisive and intentional as I work within a time frame in many weather conditions.   One of my latest breakthroughs was  figuring out a way to ride my bike to a location and paint in oils, using a collapsable easel and  the back of my bike to balance my palette.

The work itself teaches me.  Each step I take builds on what I’ve learned before in art and life.  I think my current work has a sense of playfulness.   I’m paying attention to edges and leaving areas of mystery.  I’m less concerned with perfection .   Although much of my work is representational, I have been experimenting with what I call “colorscapes”,  studies in color relationships, texture and design.   The more  I paint, the more a  dialogue develops between the canvas, my spirit and my Creator.  A friend once told me that I paint out of my joy.


  • Studied painting and drawing under Allen Jones and Barclay Sheaks in Tidewater, Virginia from age 6-13. 
  • In college, took drawing and painting courses at the University of Virginia. 
  • Continued studying art in California at Community Colleges in Fremont and Santa Barbara.
  • Since 2002, participated with the Saturday Sketch Group, painting on location around Des Moines
  • Since 2003, studied portraiture under Mary Muller